The GEOLANDAR X-CV was built from ground-up with technological advances to take on today’s luxury sport crossovers and gives you exactly what you are looking for – optimized all-season performance with powerful wet braking all with a refined, quiet ride.

SUPERIOR HANDLING – With a belt package specifically constructed for the luxury compact crossover and SUV, the GEOLANDAR X-CV provides precise handling and stability.

WET TRACTION – Specially designed tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves and a combination of 2D and 3D sipes provide confident traction on wet roads.

QUIETER RIDE – The staggered five pitch block variation reduces pattern and road noise for a smooth and quiet ride.

LONG TREAD LIFE – A wider footprint and new Advanced Silica Compound promote long-lasting, even wear.




Rim Aspect Ratio Tire Size LI/SS Pattern Pattern Name Origin
20 45 275/45R20 110W G057 Geolandar X-CV PH
20 50 255/50R20 109W G057 Geolandar X-CV PH
20 50 265/50R20 111W G057 Geolandar X-CV PH