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High performance in wet conditions and anti-aquaplaning capabilities
Deep, wide grooves enhance water evacuation effect and realize superior wet performance and anti-aquaplaning capabilities.Blocks are next to the ribs. A wide groove area ensures good water evacuation performance and a narrow sipe area ensures block rigidity, thereby balancing wet performance and stable maneuverability.

Increased steering stability performance
and handling response Increased rigidity in the central part of the tread enhances stable maneuverability and handling response for smooth cornering and lane changing.

Reduced uneven wear
Consistent rigidity is achieved by adjusting the shape of each block and optimal alignment of grooves and sipes from center to shoulder portions. Uneven wear is minimized by dispersing the load on the tire while reducing pattern noise in combination with multi-pitch variation alignment.

For a quieter ride that you need when driving around town
Planed edges and the round shape of blocks reduce the movement of block edges as they come into contact with the road surface, thereby eliminating the cause of uneven wear and excessive noise after abrasion.

Section Width Aspect Ratio Rim Size Speed Symbol Load Index Pattern Name Remarks
215 60 16 H 95 Geolandar H/T
P275 60 17 H 110 Geolandar H/T