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Exceptional wear resistance in diverse environments around the world
Following exhaustive testing around the world in off- and on-road conditions, YOKOHAMA has formulated a compound, which together with its superior construction design, make the A/T-S the leader in its class. Durable, capable and merciless, the GEOLANDER A/T-S will conquer any terrain that it encounters.

Increased comfort inside the vehicle by reducing noise
Carefully positioned along the circumference of the tyre are multi-length, multi-pitch blocks that ensure tread-generated noise is kept to a minimum: it’s a welcome boost in cabin comfort for driver and passengers alike.

Exceptional performance in wet conditions, making it safe to drive in the rain
The A/T-S is based on a primary tread layout of four deep and straight grooves. These are vital elements of A/T-S’s extremely effective water evacuation capabilities.

Increased traction performance needed for off-road driving
The ‘Multi-Step’ inner tread block design is part of the secret behind the off-road traction of the A/T-S. Extra rigidity means better mobility on road and improves the tire’s self-cleaning properties for better control off road.

Anti-cut capabilities and exceptional traction in the mud
Featured on the new GEOLANDAR A/T-S sidewall are powerful tyre block protectors. These enhancements not only aid in protecting the tyre from cuts and abrasions, they also provide added traction in deeply rutted off-road conditions.

Section Width Aspect Ratio Rim Size Speed Symbol Load Index Pattern Name Remarks
205 70 15 S 96S Geolandar A/T
215 70 16 S 100S Geolandar A/T
235 60 16 H 100H Geolandar A/T
245 70 16 H 107H Geolandar A/T
265 60 18 H 110H Geolandar A/T
265 65 17 H 112H Geolandar A/T
265 70 15 T 112T Geolandar A/T
275 70 16 H 114H Geolandar A/T
LT215 75 15 S 100S Geolandar A/T
P225 70 15 S 100S Geolandar A/T
P235 70 15 S 102S Geolandar A/T
P235 75 15 S 108S Geolandar A/T
P265 70 16 S 111S Geolandar A/T
P265 70 17 S 113S Geolandar A/T