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Delivery Star

Optimizes mileage and minimizes uneven wear
- flat contour with uniform contact pressure
- increased contact area delivers superior handling
- high mileage performance
- long life compound

Wet Performance
- tread pattern for superb drainage performance
- excellent aquaplanning performance provided by three wide grooves, even after long mileage
- high-grip compound for wet conditions

- kerbing rib provides protection against sidewall damage, counteracting critical damge in this area

Section Width Aspect Ratio Rim Size Speed Symbol Load Index Pattern Name Remarks
175 13C P 97/95 Delivery Star  8PR
185 14C R 102/100 Delivery Star  8PR
195 14C R 106/104 Delivery Star  8PR
195 15C R 106/104 Delivery Star  8PR
195 70 15C R 104/102 Delivery Star  8PR
215 70 15C R 109/107 Delivery Star  8PR
225 70 15C R 112/110 Delivery Star  8PR