BluEarth AE01

Realizes top fuel-efficient performance by improving vehicle fuel savings, making BluEarth environmentally-friendly.

Reducing uneven wear
Reduces typical uneven wear on both the inside and outside the tire on supermini and small family cars due to unique design. The tire also employs a wear-resistant compound.



Reassuring Fuel-efficient grip on wet surface
Features strong grip even on wet surfaces due to the use of Orange Oil, which makes it more difficult for the rubber to harden even at low temperatures.

More comfortable driving
Disperses the frequency of the pattern noise and controls noise in the harsh sound range when driving.

Rim Aspect Ratio Tire Size LI/SS Pattern Pattern Name Origin List Price Remarks
13 65 165/65R13 77T AE01 BluEarth AE01 PH 3,280
13 70 155/70R13 75T AE01 BluEarth AE01 PH 3,260
14 65 165/65R14 79T AE01 BluEarth AE01 PH 3,880 OE Mitsubishi Mirage – NEW
15 55 175/55R15 77V AE01 BluEarth AE01 PH 4,200 OE Mitsubishi Mirage – NEW
15 55 185/55R15 82V AE01 BluEarth AE01 PH 4,370 OE Mitsubishi Mirage – NEW
15 65 185/65R15 88H AE01 BluEarth AE01 PH 4,580