BluEarth Ace

Secure Grip on Rainy Days
AE-50 special compound that elicits exceptional maneuverability. YOKOHAMA employs technologies and manufacturing methods in order to realize the best balance of fuel e¬ciency, wet grip and wear resistance.The use of double silica and orange oil improve grip performance in the wet.

Lightning grooves provide a sense of reassurance on rainy days.
Employs big and small lightning type grooves.YOKOHAMA has expanded the groove volume while increasing block rigidity to enable safe and secure driving on rainy days.



Quietness for a More Comfortable Ride
Innovative, new “noise-controlled pitch”ensures consistent quiet ride.
While continuing to ensure that noise is dispersed by varying the pitch, BluEarth-A tires suppress the incidence of uneven wear and maintain quietness as the tires wear by making the pitch variation smaller. New BluEarth-A tires also boast an enhanced level of quietness by increasing the number of pitches to 84.

Total Balanced Performance
Profile achieving fuel efficiency and quietness.
* Weight saving while maintaining rigidity.Lifting the carcass up high ensures rigidity and saves weight.
* Fuel-efficient, layered rubber BluEarth-A tires employ more low-heatgenerating rubber for the lower layer of the tread rubber. This helps suppress energy loss and improve comfort.
* Profile exclusively for AE-50 Stability when supporting high loads in heavy-duty sedans. Reduces external vehicle noise.

AERO dynamic technology reduces air resistance
* Using simulation of air resistance in tire development. Air resistance in tires is one cause of deteriorating fuel efficiency, and is said to have a considerable impact especially at high speeds. In addition to wind tunnel tests, YOKOHAMA conducts simulations of air resistance when designing the tires.
* Asymmetrical tread pattern. The inner side of the tire includes sipes on the shoulder to suppress uneven wear. The outer side of the tire incorporates wide non-penetrating grooves on the shoulder block to realize enhanced stability when cornering.
* A dimpled design on the shoulder reduces tire air resistance. This contributes to greater fuel-efficient performance.

Rim Aspect Ratio Tire Size LI/SS Pattern Pattern Name Origin List Price Remarks
16 55 195/55R16 87V AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 5,920
16 55 215/55R16 97W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,340
16 60 205/60R16 96W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,500
16 60 215/60R16 99V AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,450
16 65 215/65R16 98H AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,500
17 45 235/45R17 97W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,500
17 50 205/50R17 93W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,400
17 50 215/50R17 95W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,900
17 50 225/50R17 98W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,890
17 55 215/55R17 94W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,900
18 40 225/40R18 92W AE50 BluEarth Ace PH 6,650