Low Noise Sport Tire

Non-penetrating Lug Groove pattern increases overall performance.
– Suppresses popping noise for a quieter ride
– Lessens heel & toe friction, as well as noise caused by tire friction.
– Increases block stiffness & enhances direct feeling of handling.

Responsive Handling

Most Advanced ADVAN Profile
– Profile adapted from the ADVAN Sport V105
– Improvement of the steering stability at high speed range following European car manufacturer standards.
– Optimization of ground contact.



Differentiating between the pitch layout for the shoulder and center.
– Increased tread pattern stiffness realises a more direct feeling to handling.
– Optimized ground contact area.
– Reduces tire noise and enchances ride quietness.

Extreme Wet Grip

Claw grooves
– The claw grooves push aside water at corners.
– Increases effective groove depth.
– Directional pattern enhances water evacuation and drainage
– Direction pattern offers attractive and aggressive look

Rim Aspect Ratio Tire Size LI/SS Pattern Pattern Name Origin List Price Remarks
15 55 195/55R15 85V V701 ADVAN Fleva JP 5,400 Reintroduced
16 45 205/45R16 87W V701 ADVAN Fleva JP 5,750 Reintroduced
16 50 195/50R16 84V V701 ADVAN Fleva JP 5,700 Reintroduced
16 50 205/50R16 87V V701 ADVAN Fleva JP 6,000
16 55 205/55R16 91W V701 ADVAN Fleva PH 6,140
17 40 205/40ZR17 84W V701 ADVAN Fleva PH 6,000
17 45 205/45R17 91W V701 ADVAN Fleva PH 5,700
17 45 215/45R17 91W V701 ADVAN Fleva PH 6,200
17 45 235/45R17 97W V701 ADVAN Fleva JP 7,500
18 40 245/40R18 97W V701 ADVAN Fleva PH 8,200
18 45 225/45R18 95W V701 ADVAN Fleva PH 7,100
19 30 265/30R19 93W V701 ADVAN Fleva JP 17,200
19 35 235/35R19 91W V701 ADVAN Fleva JP 15,800