Developed using Yokohama’s advanced technology and know how compiled in numerous racing activities, the ADVAN A050 delivers improved levels of cornering, braking and traction plus superb level of handling performance from its predecessor, the A048.

Groove Location Control
Optimizing the groove distribution achieves smooth handling in corners due to stable contact area from shoulder to center.

Large Center Block
The large center block area, together with the center rib provides not only strong braking, but also better stiffness against lateral forces.



Round Edge-Shaped Grooves
Sequential wide round edge-shaped grooves distribute the pressure from the road and results in better tread wear.

Quicker Lap Time
A050 minimizes the movement of the centerline of the contact area when cornering, enabling it to achieve good handling response on different circuit surfaces at high speed.

Newly Developed Profile and Construction
Optimized profile arrived at after numerous test drives.

Section Width Aspect Ratio Rim Size Speed Symbol Load Index Pattern Name Remarks
195 55 15 V 85 ADVAN
205 50 16 V 87 ADVAN
215 45 17 W 87 ADVAN
235 45 17 W 94 ADVAN