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       On sale tires terms and conditions:

    1. Limited offer and availability only.
    2. Order through our Yokohama shops (Y-shops) – click here for the dealer list.
    3. First come, first served basis. Please make arrangements with the nearest Y-shop to guarantee the sale.
    4. Price is for the tires only. Different shops might charge cost of installation, etc.
    5. All tires are located at Yokohama warehouse. Please allow ample time to have it delivered to respective Y-shop locations.
    6. These on-sale tires will not enjoy other ongoing Yokohama promotions; No free basketball and 0% interest installment promo.
    7. Standard warranty is 5 years from date of manufacture. For tires older than 5 years, Yokohama Philippines is extending the
        warranty to two years from purchase date. Note that warranty coverage is for material and workmanship issues only. Damage
        caused by road hazards like nails, stones, potholes and damages due to misuse or neglect is not covered by warranty.


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